About Us

Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures is owned and operated by Carlos Gonzalez, a 31-year resident of the Northwest Territories. Passionate about the outdoors, Carlos loves to share his knowledge of the seasons, the wildlife, the fish and the natural beauty of this spectacular part of the Canada.

Outdoor outfitter Carlos Gonzales in Yellowknife, NWT

An award-winning guide, teacher and restaurant owner, Carlos treasures what he calls “the outdoor moments”, the colours of the seasons, the habits of the wildlife and above all, the fantastic northern pike fishing on Great Slave Lake.

Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures offers professional certified guides speaking English, French, Spanish or Italian.

Our offices are located on Franklin Avenue, in historic Yellowknife Old Town, on the shores of Great Slave Lake.

Experiencing Northern Life – Northwest Territories, Canada

Join Carlos Gonzalez, owner of Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures, as he shares insight into the outdoor lifestyle that attracts visitors to Canada’s Northwest Territories — this includes fly-fishing, and preparing a fresh meal with friends.

Experiencing Northern Life – Northwest Territories, Canada